Smoking Salvia

Smoking Salvia

The Ancient Mazatec Herb - the Ancients Loved to Smoke!

Potent naturally occurring psychoactive compound when consumed or smoked

Salvia is a fascination herb from the same family of sage which is the single most potent naturally occurring psychoactive compound with an incredibly small active dose. Centuries ago the tribes native to where the plant can be found used to smoke it to release its properties.

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Here is some information on smoking Salvia Divinorum:

How did the Mazatec's Indians smoke Salvia?

To release the hallucinogenic properties of Salvia Divinorum, they would heat dried Salvia leaf in a pipe, water pipe or joint. The dried leaf would have needed to be heated to around 240°C to get the desired effect, which may have required a particularly intense heat.

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Smoking Salvia - What effects would have they experienced?

Smoking - Mind Bending Hallucinations

When they smoked Salvia they would have experienced some fairly mind bending hallucinations which they considered to be spiritual journeys. The truth is though that not all of them would have had good experiences. The effect Salvia would have had on them would be largely dependent on their mood and their attitude to what they are doing.

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They would have experienced the following by smoking Salvia Divinorum

Giggles - Uncontrolled Montion - Visions

Fits of giggles. A feeling of uncontrolled motion or movement. Visions of a change in the texture of surroundings. Objects appearing alive or merged with the body. A mixing of realities past and present and perception of space. If you would like to have a souvenir sample of Salvia Divinorum for yourself, why not visit our shop?
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