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We have chosen to supply what we consider to be the very best strain of Salvia Divinorum plants
because we want you to always have the best possible Salvia samples to choose from. Wasson &
Hoffman is genetically one of the purest strains of Salvia and is named after those discovered it while
on a trip to explore Mazatec shamanism in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Easy-grow bushy Salvia Plants


Our experts work incredibly hard to ensure your plants are grown in optimum conditions. Your plants are ‘pinched out’ to encourage them to grow into bushy, compact and sturdy plants that produce more leaves and more new growth. We root them in a special peat/vermiculite/perlite mix and are delivered to you in clear pots, to help you monitor root growth; though it is important to note that you don’t have to re-pot these plants when you get them.
Despite all this science and gardening tips, be assured that Salvia plants are easy to grow.

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100% healthy and are guaranteed to be disease and pest free. Already acclimatised to UK household conditions for your convenience. Sent discreetly to you when they reach 6"-8" tall(ish) with at least two strong stems growing. Covered by our price match guarantee.

Every one of these beautiful Salvia plants have been lovingly reared and meticulously nursed in optimum conditions to ensure that every plant is of the absolute highest quality.

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Quality Salvia Divinorum Plants

Salvia Plants are easy to grow and keep

Be assured that Salvia plants are very easy to grow and will provide you with a beautiful plant which you can enjoy for a long time. Please note that we will refuse to supply Salvia plants to anyone who we have reason to believe is likely to smoke or consume it.

Your plant will be delivered (discreetly) in a clear pot and be can be sent to you on the same day as your purchase. These easy to grow plants have a fascinating story and will look lovely in any home.

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