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Experience the thrill of owning your very own 'mazatec gold' all the way from Oaxaca Mexico. We only
ever source the highest quality Salvia leaf so you can trust that if we stock it, it’s definitely the good stuff.


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Dried naturally - 100% Guaranteed - Quality

Dried naturally in the sun to lock in its natural properties. 100% Guaranteed to be of the Highest Quality. Imported directly from Oaxaca, Mexico – Its true native habitat.

Premium Salvia leaf is hard to come by. Every single leaf on offer here is 100% organic and was dried naturally by the sun to lock in its mystical properties.

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We will refuse to supply Salvia leaf to anyone who we have reason to believe is likely to smoke or consume it.

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Hand picked Mazatec Salvia

Mazatec’s Golden Salvia Leaf

Our organic Salvia Leaf is Mazatec’s Golden, which is handpicked by the Mazatec Indians. This means that when you receive your Salvia leaf you know that it has been touched by the descendants of those who first explored the properties of Salvia Divinorum many years ago.

Get your very own sample of high quality Salvia leaf today and with our same day shipping policy you should have yours in no time. You won’t believe the incredible prices either.

They have protected this ancient pants natural habitat for generations and now we are proud to be able to offer samples to you.

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